Green Hummus (with a twist)

Green Hummus is my variation to the regular classic hummus. I have given a twist to this original classic recipe which is a popular Middle Eastern dip with main ingredients as chickpeas. I have added my favorite superfood greens Organifi to this recipe (the twist to the light green color). This superfood greens are infused with nature’s best ingredients Ashwangandha, Tumeric, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Matcha green tea and many more. My family just loves this superfood Organifi. I just added a scoop of it to my hummus recipe and it tasted amazing. So you get the benefit of the protein from the Chickpeas as well as nature’s gifted nutrients all loaded in one recipe. If you can’t find Organifi near your place, you can substitute with Spinach leaves (1 cup). These are perfect make ahead spreads that can be stored for a maximum one week. They can be served as a spread on sandwiches, wraps, crackers. Your body is going to thank you for this recipe.


Ingredients: Makes 2 cups
Boiled Chickpeas – 2 cups
Homemade Sesame Seed paste or Tahini paste – 3 tablespoon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – ¼ cup
Organifi Greens – 1 scoop
Salt & Pepper – as per taste
Garlic Cloves – 5 to 6
Juice from 1 lemon


  1. To make the sesame seed paste, soak the sesame seed in 4 tablespoon of hot water for one hour and grind it to a fine paste and keep aside. Try making the sesame seed paste at home since the store bought Tahini paste are loaded with unwanted chemicals.
  2. To make the green hummus, in a food processor add all the ingredients and blend until it becomes a smooth paste.
  3. If the hummus mixture becomes thick, 1 or 2 tablespoon of olive oil can be added to adjust the consistency.
  4. Do a taste test to check on the salt and pepper.
  5. Serve with your favorite baked chips, sandwich or even as dip for some freshly cut salads. Enjoy.


  1. Organifi is one of our family’s favorite superfood green drink. Try to get your hands on this amazing superfood at
  2. Spinach can be used if you can’t get Organifi at your place of living.


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